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Summer Facts & Tips
  • Follow these tips to reduce the amount of bees and wasps at your next picnic:
    1. Keep empty drink cans and bottles in a sealed container or inside.
    2. Do not leave food out any longer than necessary.
    3. Place trash in sealed containers or inside.
    4. Inspect under deck railings for wasp nests before your guests arrive.
  • If you get stung:
    1. Remove the stinger.
    2. Sprinkle generously with baking soda, then drizzle some drops of vinegar over the baking soda to make it fizz. Leave on skin until pain is gone.
    3. Apply ice to sting area.
  • Guardian Satisfaction Guarantee – If for some reason the customer is not completely satisfied with the results of the service, Guardian will perform further service at no additional charge to the customer. Bi-Monthly service accounts will receive the equivalent of one regular service fee back if dissatisfaction continues beyond 35 days of a written compliant regarding dissatisfaction.
  • Customer Cooperation - In order to achieve the best possible results from the services, the customer should correct conditions conducive to the breeding and harborage of pests when instructed to do so by a Guardian representative. Failure to do so may prolong the problem and void any guarantee until the conditions are corrected.
  • Materials - All materials used shall comply with federal, state, and local laws and effective regulations.
  • Insurance - A certificate of insurance will be submitted to the customer upon request.
  • A Change in Law - Guardian performs services according to federal, state, and local laws. Should a change in the existing law occur, Guardian reserves the right to revise the service charge or terminate the agreement.
  • Pest Damage - Guardian is not responsible and does not guarantee against past, present, or future damage to any structure or contents, or provide for the repair or replacement thereof.
    This agreement does not provide for the control of termites, wood-boring beetles, or any pest not specified herein.
  • Rodent Control Placement - The customer must not disturb, move or change rodent control placements or the contents within the placements. Guardian reserves the right to charge the customer for lost or damaged bait stations or other rodent control placements. When tamper resistant control placements are required by law, the customer may be charged an additional fee.
  • Disclaimer - Any liability Guardian has, written or implied, under this agreement will be voided if Guardian is prevented from fulfilling its responsibility under the terms of this agreement, by an act of God, or by circumstances beyond the control of Guardian.
  • Non-Payment, Default - The customer understands, if they do not pay the bill within a reasonable time period, or a collection agency is hired to collect outstanding money, interest at the highest legal rate, collection fees, and reasonable attorney fees will be charged to the customer. Guardian reserves the right to refuse extra service for an account if there is an outstanding balance for more than two months or if the initial service charge has not been paid in full.
  • Ladders - Guardian carries only five foot ladders as needed for any given service. The customer is responsible to provide a ladder of the required height to ensure proper service.
  • Service Frequency - To ensure proper service, customers will be scheduled monthly or bi-monthly, any interruption in service, for more than 60 days will be considered a service delay and Guardian reserves the right to charge the customer an initial startup fee.
  • Cancellation of Service - According to state law, a commercial pest control operator must remove any rodent bait from the premises if this agreement is terminated. If after the first year you wish to cancel service, please inform your service technician at the time of your last service so that we may remove our bait stations. If you do not inform us upon our last service visit, Guardian reserves the right to charge a service fee for removal of the rodent bait stations. This agreement will remain in effect until Guardian receives notice of cancellation. Service will continue on a monthly or quarterly basis until such notice is received.
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